Kirkcaldy Ice Skating Club offers both group and individual coaching in figure skating and ice dance by licensed National Ice Skating Association (NISA) coaches. 

All standards and ages from Beginner to Competitive are welcome.


The Membership runs annually from Aug/Sept to April/May each year. Visitors are allowed to use the club sessions up to three times before they are expected to join. 


The club offers two types of membership–

  • FULL MEMBERSHIP is £60 for the year and entitles the skater to skate at all club sessions, participate in club activities such as shows and annual club competition, etc. The skater may also represent the club at national and open competitions hosted by other Clubs when the coach sees fit.

  • RECREATIONAL MEMBERSHIP is £30 for the year and entitles the skater to skate at the Saturday club session and any rehearsal skates that may be required for shows. The skater can also participate in Club activities such as shows and annual club competition etc. 

Should any member with a recreational membership wish to skate at any session other than the Saturday Club session they will be required to pay the difference between the recreational membership and full membership. If the skater has achieved the National Ice Skating Association test for level 1 field moves or above, or wishes to represent the club at open competitions then they will also be required to upgrade to full membership.

Once a non-member has used the club ice for 3 sessions they will be issued with a membership form with a view to them joining the club, should they wish to continue.

Any person using the Club facilities or attending a Club function, do so at their own risk.

All Junior Members aged 8 years and under must have a responsible adult present at the rink while they are on the ice Skating Levels

All skaters begin by working through the NISA Skate UK system.  This consists of 8 badges.  Once completed the next stage is Skate UK Star (also known as Passport), bronze, silver and gold awards.  All these levels are assessed by the club coaches.  Record cards, certificates and badges are available to buy.  Speak to a member of the committee who will advise.

Further progression is by national tests through NISA.  Each level has three sections which are tested separately: field moves, elements and free skating.  

Once Skate UK has been completed and signed by a coach then it is possible to attend Open Skating competitions.  This must be in agreement with one of the club coaches.

In order to test or compete in open competitions you must have a NISA membership. This can be purchased online from NISA at www.iceskating.org.uk.


Please remember the club has a variety of skaters ranging from learn to skate to advanced.  Each child is coached according to their specific skating abilities.  The coach is the professional who will decide when a child is ready to progress up the levels. Please respect this.