Jackie Coubrough - Head Coach      

      Jackie is a NISA qualified coach specialising in Figure Skating. She began her career coaching at Kirkcaldy Ice Arena and has now come full circle to make a welcome return to the rink in 2005. Jackie coaches skaters of all ages and standards. She has coached nine Scottish Champions at various levels and Kirkcaldy’s first medalist in free skating at the British Championships 2017. She’s also recently had five of her junior skaters invited onto Team GB Young Stars Development squad. She's successfully produced the Kirkcaldy Ice Skating Clubs Annual Ice Show since December 2005 to great acclaim.   Lesson cost £8

   Stacey Robertson

Stacey is a NISA qualified coach. Stacey has competed at national level throughout the country in both figure and ice dance. Stacey also spent three years travelling the world with Disney On Ice and one with Holiday On Ice. She is qualified to coach figure and ice dance to British Championship level. She has had two skaters invited onto the team GB Young Stars Development squad.  Lesson cost £7

       Moira Robertson

       Moira is a NISA qualified coach. From Kirkcaldy and also based in Perth, she coaches beginners up to competitive level skaters. Her pupils have achieved success at Club and Open Competitions. She also has a skater on the team GB Young Star Development squad.  Lesson cost £7


      Melanie Doyle

       Melanie is a NISA qualified coach specialising in Ice Dance. Originally from London, she has coached in Scotland since moving here in 2000. Melanie now does consultations with the rest of the coaches.



The Club Committee are volunteers elected at the AGM each year. The club is always looking for new volunteers to help organise club events such as fundraising nights etc.


Chairperson -  Rosalind Gould

Secretary     - Vanessa Poxen

Treasurer   -  Grant Fraser

Child Protection - Zoe Lynch & Angela Haig

Committee  -