Another British qualifier done, A huge well done to these two ladies who have just finished competing at the British championship qualifier in Sheffield. Hannah skated in the advanced novice section for the first time and achieved a huge new scores in both programs. We loved your short program

Arcadia competed in the junior section for the first time and with two new fab programs came out with a fantastic score.

You have both worked so hard and we are very proud of you.

Congratulations to

Hannah Robertson

Arcadia Ward

          After 16 long months of competiting it was fab to see our KISC young stars on the ice. The hard work off the ice was definitely worth it, our skaters can’t wait until the next one and hopefully it won’t be long before we can see all our skaters out there doing what they love.

Special mention to Emily Morgan who placed 3rd out of a huge 25, well done to Emily. Your program was awesome

Massive well done to our 6 little young stars who have made the Young Stars Finale in April. This is an amazing achievement and we could not be prouder of you. Well done to: Alix, Niamh, Madison, Jessica, Evie and Nicole. GO KISC

What a day at skate southern for these two girlies. Arcadia Ward competed her first junior short at the age of 14. What an achievement, such a great experience. Can’t wait to see your next junior skate soon. Hannah Robertson skated her first intermediate ladies and finished a fabulous 4th and has achieved the level 7 score with a personal best of 34.16. We couldn’t be prouder of these two hard working girls.

Amazing amazing day at skate southern international. Some great achievements from our skaters we are so proud of you all.
Special mention to; 
Megan Pekkarinen for placing 3rd in her first basic novice competition 
Emma Watt placing 2nd in intermediate ladies
Jack Simpson placing 2nd in intermediate men and for your double axel being called.
Douglas Gould had a fabulous clean skate and had one minus on your pdf sheet and smashed your personal best by four marks 
Jess Edie for skating your most difficult programme and huge improvement on your spins.
Well done everyone KISC is so proud of you

Huge well done to these two today - congratulations to Evie and Douglas who achieved the score today to compete at the British qualifier. Well done kids go KISC 💙⛸💙⛸

Clean sweep for Kirkcaldy Skaters this morning. Huge well done to everyone that passed a test this morning and a huge thank you to Sheila Christie who has been our test organisers for over 12 years.

Well done :

Evie Meikle - level 1 field moves
Olivia Hammond - level 1 field moves
Emily Morgan - level 1 field moves
Drew Robertson - level 1 field moves
Becky Thompson - level 1 field moves
Jenny Beverage - level 2 field moves
Anna Drummond - level 2 field moves
Madison Fraser - level 2 field moves
Niamh Haig - level 2 field moves
Alexius Kirk - level 2 field moves
Alix Meikle - level 2 field moves
Ruby Carson - level 3 field moves
Kailynn Kirk - level 3 field moves
Megan Pekkarinen- level 3 field moves
Kailynn Kirk - level 4 field moves
Megan Pekkarinen - level 4 field moves
Jessica Mills - level 5 field moves
Madison Lynch - level 6 field moves
Rowan Beveridge - level 1 elements/free
Anna Drummond - level 1 elements/free
Madison Fraser - level 1 elements/free
Megan Pekkarinen - level 4 elements/free

You are all amazing- great start to 2020 go KISC 💙⛸💙⛸💙⛸💙⛸💙⛸💙

Aberdeen was our last competition of the season and we would like to say a huge well done to all of our skaters. We are so proud of you, each and every one of you has achieved so much this season, keep up the hard work and lets see what 2020 brings us. Exciting times ahead. 


Ruby Carson - 2nd beginner 7&under

Niamh Haig - 1st Beginner 8

Megan Pekkarinen - 1st level 2 ladies

Douglas Gould - 1st level 6 men

Hannah Robertson - Basic novice ladies 3rd

Arcadia Ward - 1st Advance novice ladies short

Arcadia Ward - 2nd Advance novice ladies free

What a great way to end skate Ayrshire yesterday, leaving the competition with fab skates, personal bests and some trophies. Special mention to
Douglas Gould 2nd intermediate men
Jack Simpson 2nd level 7 men
Anna Drummond 3rd beginner ladies
Niamh Haig 2nd beginner ladies

Amazing results today from skate Ayrshire, fabulous skates and personal bests. Special mention to Ruby Carson who placed 3rd in beginner 7 and under, Madison Lynch who placed 3rd in basic novice and massive well done to Hannah Robertson who won the basic novice with a huge personal best.

Huge well done to all our skaters that competed at Tayside international. Lots of personal bests, test passes and fab skates. We could not be prouder especially when our rink has been shut over the summer, you all did amazing. Special mention to;

Niamh Haig - 2nd place beginner ladies

Megan Pekkariren - Level 2 ladies winner

Arcadia Ward - Level 6/7 intermediate ladies winner

Arcadia Ward has had an amazing day at the Sheffield Qualifier for the British Championships. Not only was she 2nd out of 50 she has gained the score for the British Championships and achieved the score for a full Advanced novice pass with a huge score and a personal best we could not be happier for you. Well done Cadz go KISC 

Huge well done to Hannah, Madison, Abi and Keyanna today, always doing KISC proud at a very tough competition

Congratulations to our dancers Lilli Cuthbertson and Douglas Gould for their great skates at the British Championships. Very proud of you both and look forward to starting work for next season.

Congratulations to Lilli Cuthbertson who competed yesterday at the Streatham dance qualifier and placed 3rd in the free and 4th overall, well done - GO KISC

Huge well done to our skaters that competed down in Guildford over the past few days. Lots of personal bests and new great elements. Well done to  Madison, Hannah, Keyanna, Arcadia, Douglas, Lilli, Niamh and Ruby go KISC

Yesterday kicked off with a fab skate from Arcadia Ward, she placed 3rd out of a massive 33 in the intermediate ladies and had the highest component score . Our little ladies had some great wee skates in the beginners age 8 & 9. Well done to everyone and good luck to our dancers Tuesday and Wednesday 

Well done to all our skaters who competed yesterday at the Murrayfield open. 
Special well done to our medalists 
Emma Watt 2nd level 6/7 ladies
Lilli Cuthbertson 1st level 6/7 ladies
Douglas Gould 3rd level 4/5 men 
Jack Simpson 2nd level 6/7 men 

Well done to our Basic Novice ladies who competed down in Sheffield, all four girls were beautiful.

Congratulations Madison Lynch, Hannah Robertson, Keyanna Ward and Jessica Wilson - GO KISC

Congratulations to Arcadia Ward who competed in Sheffield today. Fantastic component score, well done Arcadia 💙⛸ go KISC ⛸💙


Well done to everyone who passed tests yesterday.

Level 1 Field moves

Ruby C

Niamh H

Megan P

Alix M

Grace G

Molly G

Millie C

Megan P

Jenny B

Alexius K


Level 2 Field moves

Jessica M

Level 3 Field moves

Jessica M

Naomi P


Level 4 Field moves

Abi T


Level 5 Field moves

Madison L


Level 8 Field moves

Lilli C


Level 1 Elements and Free

Megan P

Alix M

Grace G


Level 2 Elements and Free

Kailynn K


Level 4 Pattern Dance

Douglas G


Level 5 Free Dance Douglas G


Full level 8 Dance

Lilli C

Level 8 Free Dance

Shianne Ward


Well done to all our skaters we are very proud of you all

What a great Aberdeen open 2018 Kirkcaldy girls swept the podium in the level 3 ladies 11 and under 


  • 1st place - Madison Lynch 

  • 2nd place - Keyanna Ward 

  • 3rd place - Abi Taylor

  • Douglas Gould placed 3rd in the level 5 men with a fab new personal best

  • Kailynn Kirk placed 2nd in the level 1 ladies 11-13


  • Jessica Mills won the beginners age 8 and under with a fab skate to her new programme and looked amazing in her new dress. 

  • Lots of new little ones with their first time competing 

  • Well done to Jack Simpson who was second in the intermediate men with a fab new pb

  • Well done to Lilli Cuthbertson who placed 3rd in the level 5 ladies with a great pb

Amazing job everyone who competed yesterday we are proud of you all